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Dialects and old folk crafts Lithuania

On September 19, 2022 the third stage of the NordPlus Junior project "Dialects and old folk crafts" began at the Kupiškis Povilas Matulionis progymnasium. During the get-to-know evening, the students presented their schools, made new friends and were happy to meet their friends from the last stage at Pastendė School of the Republic of Latvia in May 2022. The students danced, sang and played various games to break the ice and make the evening cosier and funnier.

Next day the participants of the project visited the Adomas Petrauskas Museum and the Uoginiai Crafts Center. The participants got acquainted with a residential house, a granary, a workshop, climbed a wooden tower, observed ethnographic tools and archaeological findings. Later, the students and teachers divided into two groups, then made the fantastic-tasting pies – originally called ‘Pakišuoliai’ at the Uoginiai Crafts Center. Also, with the help of educators, they got acquainted with national braids and wove them. The participants learned the difference between a dowry chest and a cupar and painted various Lithuanian folk ornaments on wooden plates. In the afternoon, students were involved in progymnasium education by teachers Lina and Palmira: they molded ceramics and made tricolour pendants (the colours of the flags of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) from wool. Before the dinner, the project parties presented their regional folk songs and dances.

On the third day of the Nordplus project "Dialects and old folk crafts", we carried out activities in the highland region. First of all, we got to know one of the best-preserved street villages in central Lithuania, Kleboniškis, which is located in the Radviliškis district, in the Daugyvė landscape reserve. The participants of the project observed the expositions and collections of ancient equipment in the museum buildings, and listened about the household, work, and traditions of the villagers with great interest. The students also enjoyed playing ancient countryside games. We finished our education in Kleboniškės by visiting traditional village windmill built in 1884.
In the afternoon we arrived to the Hill of Crosses located close to Šiauliai city. We observed the crosses with concentration and admiration. That was an obvious witness of the strength emanating from the cross, inexhaustible hope and faith in God's love. We finished our trip around the highland of Lithuania by visiting Baltai Arena in Naisiai village. In the Solar Square - we learned a lot of interesting facts about the universe, the countries worldwide and the families of the sky Gods.

On September 22, Nordplus project participants visited the Kupiškis Museum of Ethnography. The students had to find out the names of traditional ancient folk tools, their purpose and what they are made of. Later, in mixed groups of three participants, everyone tried to put together puzzles with images of tools used in ancient agriculture as quickly as possible. After this puzzle, it was still necessary to find out what kind of work the old people used to do with these tools, and each participant could personally try out the antique pepper grinder and an ancient device for grating vegetables, in this case - a cabbage. After that, all the participants were divided into two groups and had to create music with the help of smart colourful plates, guess and find museum exhibits according to ancient riddles, and enjoyed various sports events in the inner courtyard of the museum.
Moreover, the project participants took part in a tour of Kupiškis places of interest and visited the municipality of Kupiškis district, where they introduced the project's goals and activities to the director of the municipality's administration, Kęstutis Jakštas, and the head of the Culture and Education Department, Jurgita Trifeldienė. The guests refreshed themselves with soft drinks and sweets. In the evening, we all had fun at the folklore and old crafts festival "Day of Baltai Unity" organized by the Kupiškis Culture Center. When it got dark, we went in a procession with torches to Kupiškis mound, where together with other collectives we sang 2 songs each in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian languages.

On Sepemter 23 participants learned and played one of the most popular and original games of the 17th century, promoted by Lithuanians – "ripka". Created the presentations of the weekly activities

On September 24  oft, students and teachers of the Nordplus project "Dialects and old folk crafts" were happy to gain new experience, get to know the ethnic culture of nations, participate in educational events, visit objects of national heritage, and other partner institutions. At the end of the project, all the participants were awarded with the certificates of attendance and souvenirs. Later, while the students had fun at the disco, the teachers discussed the completed works, their benefits and future prospects for continuing the started activities. During the Nordplus project, the students not only improved their knowledge of the English language and developed their communication skills, but also got to know their peers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Saying goodbye to our wonderful friends, we wiped away tears and wished each other to look at the future positively and not to forget the past, the ethno-culture of our countries. We don't say goodbye, we say SEE YOU!

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